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Here’s some helpful Tips... If inner compartment of pocket is still damp after drying, use a hair dryer on low heat directed into the pocket area to complete the drying process (do not insert photos into wet or damp pockets). If ironing is necessary, iron inside-out or here’s a handy way to make ironing even easier. Simply fold lower half of shirt up over the upper part making sure it completely covers the clear vinyl Pix-Pocket, then iron over that area. NEVER iron directly on plastic pocket and always make sure to remove all photos before ironing pocket (see photos below)

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Faceshirt trim Photos.pngSome PIX-POCKETS can hold more than one photo (depending on the thickness of your photo prints), so you can change the picture you’re wearing by switching the back photo to the front. (watch the surprised look on everyone’s face when they notice you’re wearing a new photo!)

Here's another Tip about Tips ... Trim off all the corner tips from your photos especially the bottom ones (about 1/8”) before inserting them into the PIX-POCKETS. This will make inserting and removing photos easier and prevent the sharp edges from getting stuck on the side threads (see image).




  • Faceshirts are a great way to show those special people in your life how really special they are! Going to visit Grandma and Grandpa, wear one of your favorite photo’s of them and watch their faces light up with love!
  • Planning to attend someone’s birthday party? Surprise them by wearing their picture (if you don’t have their picture try taking one before hand but don’t tell them why. Or you can try downloading their photo from one of their social sites).
  • Kids love to draw and they can use their Faceshirt as a fun way to wear and share their art with friends and family!
  • Make a photo statement!  It’s your shirt so you can wear any pictures you want to express your thoughts and feelings. But remember to always be a good faceshirt friend and share the fun in good taste (you younger kids may want to check with Mom and Dad to help you choose the photos you wear).
  • Everyone loves their pets and now you can share that love with others by wearing a picture of your pet on your specially designed Pet Faceshirt. So now (in a fun sort of way) you can take your pets with you wherever you go!
  • Here’s another cool idea... Animal adoption and shelter organizations can have a Pet Faceshirt’s promotion and offer a free Faceshirt with each new adoption or donation (we have special pricing programs to help with these causes). Of course pet retailers can use our shirts to have their own promotions as well.

- Customize Faceshirts with your store or organization’s name and logo (minimum order required) -

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